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Tim Wendelboe’s Coffee Podcast

Episode 31

Celebrating a Quarter Century in Coffee with Andreas Hertzberg - Part 2

Join me as I sit down once again with Andreas Hertzberg for the second part of our conversation celebrating my 25-year journey in the coffee industry. This episode is a deep dive into the genesis of my own company and how my vision, encapsulated in a business plan from 2006, has grown into the reality that is Tim Wendelboe AS today.

As we commemorate the opening of my coffee shop in June 2007, Andreas and I discuss the story of how I developed my approach to sourcing green coffee and the evolution towards roasting lighter, flavourful profiles that we have become know for.

We also reflect on the digital revolution and how the internet has become the most significant innovation in the coffee landscape over recent decades, reshaping everything from consumer engagement to educational outreach. Lastly, we touch on the meticulous journey of enhancing the quality of our coffee, a quest that has been at the heart of everything we do.

Music by my uncle Jens Wendelboe.

Episode 30

Celebrating a Quarter Century in Coffee with Andreas Hertzberg

In this special episode, I celebrate my 25th year of working in the coffee industry. Joining me for this reflective chat is my good friend Andreas Hertzberg, the Co-founder of Nordic Approach and the chairman of our company’s board.

We retrace our steps to the early days at Stockfleth’s and Solberg & Hansen, reminiscing about our shared journey – a journey filled with mutual learning, inspiration, discovery and being part of the development of modern coffee culture in Norway.

I dive deep into my inaugural competition, and together, Andreas and I discuss why the 2002 World Barista Championship holds such a pivotal place in my professional journey.

We explore the ‘Cup of Excellence’ and its impact on coffee pricing dynamics. The importance of transparency, the moral obligation of paying our producers a commendable price, and how the ‘Cup of Excellence’ has influenced these practices.

We then take a nostalgic trip down memory lane, discussing the historical significance of the Nordic Barista Cup and the Nordic Roaster forum. Sit back and join us in celebrating this silver milestone in the realm of coffee. Cheers to a quarter of a century and hopefully many more to come!

Music by my uncle Jens Wendelboe.

Episode 29

Three star coffee service: Coffee at restaurant Noma with Carolyne Lane

In this episode, I’m joined by Carolyne Lane, one of the driving forces behind restaurant Noma’s celebrated tea and coffee programme. Having honed her skills over 5 years at Noma, Carolyne provides an in-depth look into the meticulous approach that defines Noma’s unique coffee service.

We delve into how Noma, one of the worlds most renowned restaurants, has changed how they prepare and serve coffee since their beginning, and discuss the new brewing method we developed with them that was recently introduced in their service.

Tune in and listen as we discuss the fundamental distinction between a restaurant serving coffee and a coffee shop serving food. We further contemplate the importance of context in the coffee experience; is it solely about the most pronounced flavours, or can subtlety and body be equally impactful? Wrapping up our conversation, we address the much-speculated topic of Noma’s future. Join us for this insightful exploration into the intricacies of quality coffee within the setting of one of the world’s most esteemed restaurants.

Music by my uncle Jens Wendelboe.

Episode 28

Jens Wendelboe: Mastering the Symphony of Success

This episode takes a detour from our usual discussions about coffee, but trust me, it’s a conversation you won’t want to miss. I’m absolutely thrilled to introduce you to a guest who has shaped my life in countless ways: my Uncle Jens Wendelboe. An accomplished composer, conductor, and musician, Jens is not just family, but an inspiring role model in brand building, career development, and a whole lot more.

In our conversation, we delve into the essence of building a successful career, navigating the challenges, and the rewarding experiences that come along the way. From his amazing experiences working with music legend Donna Summer, to an unforgettable encounter with Neil Armstrong, Jens takes us on a journey of discovery. We’ll also discuss why sometimes, not saying no can open doors, the importance of quality control in any industry, and how I’ve applied these principles when setting up my own coffee business.

You can learn more about Jens on Spotify here and on YouTube here.

Episode 27

Meet The Producer - Caballero Farm’s Marysabel Caballero and Moises Herrera, Part 2

Delighted to welcome you back to Part Two of my in-depth chat with the visionary behind the Caballero coffee farms, Moises Herrera. This episode holds an extra special treat as we are also joined by Moises’ wife, Marysabel Caballero, a third-generation coffee farmer and a vital pillar of the Caballero enterprise.

In this episode, we retrace the steps that Marysabel and Moises took when they first embarked on their coffee journey. We explore their passionate resolve that saw them through a trying period in the early 2000s, where they nearly lost their farm and business.

Join us as we discuss their ascension to the coveted ‘Cup of Excellence,’ and analyse how this recognition has transformed their business and made a broader impact on the world of coffee. Learn straight from them the immeasurable value they place on hard work and loyalty, not only as the cornerstones of business success but as key ingredients to a fulfilling life.

During our conversation, the couple paints a vibrant picture of their business ethics, sharing the profound importance they place on relationships – with customers and farmworkers alike. They offer an intimate look into their daily operations, their diverse coffee offerings, their meticulous processing methods, and their incessant strive to elevate their craft every passing year. We also learn about their philosophy that the way forward for their farms are deeply embedded in its rich past.

Packed with enlightening narratives and insights, this episode is an intriguing story of the hard work and visionary thinking that animate the Caballero family’s coffee farms.

You can learn more about the Caballero farm, on our website here.

Music by my uncle Jens Wendelboe.

Episode 26

Meet The Producer - Caballero Farm’s Moises Herrera, Part 1

In this episode, I’m delighted to welcome a dear friend and esteemed coffee producer of the Caballero coffees in Honduras, mr. Moises Herrera.

Moises is part of a family that has helped shape the high-quality coffee production industry in Honduras, and his stories and experiences are nothing short of inspiring.

We journey through Moises’ own history in coffee, recalling when our paths first intersected. Our conversation takes us through the colourful spectrum of coffee varieties and on the unique challenges and rewards associated with each type. As we discuss labour dynamics, you’ll hear about Moises’ commitment to fair wages and profit-sharing – a testament to his belief in the value of every hand that helps create his product. We’ll also delve into a transformative drying experiment we conducted together, and you’ll hear Moises’ perspective on the trend of ‘Funky Coffees.’ This is an episode rich with the passion and complexity that drives the world of coffee production.

You can learn more about the Caballero farm, on our website here.

Music by my uncle Jens Wendelboe.

Episode 25

Meet The Producer - A conversation with Diego Baraona at Los Pirineos

In this episode, I am joined by Diego Baraona on his farm Los Pirineos in El Salvador.

I have been working with the Baraona family for many years. In 2020 our dear friend, pioneering coffee producer Gilberto Baraona sadly passed away. During his time leading Los Pirineos, Gilberto transformed his farm from being an average farm to becoming one of the most spectacular farms in Central-America. Following his passing, Gilberto’s son Diego took over the running of the farm and today is continuing his fathers legacy.

In this wide-ranging conversation with Diego, we discuss our long-standing relationship, the different processes that Diego and his team manage on the farm, the challenges and opportunities of running a coffee farm in 2023 and more.

You can learn more about the Los Pirineos farm, on our website here.

Music by my uncle Jens Wendelboe.

Episode 24

Coffee in Kenya - A conversation with Morten Wennersgaard

In this episode, I am joined once again by my good friend Morten Wennersgaard. Morten is one of the founders of Norwegian green coffee import company, Nordic Approach. He has been buying coffee in Kenya for a long time and even lived in Kenya for a small period when he started his company.

Our conversation this time focuses on Kenyan coffee, how it is grown and sold. We have both recently been in Kenya for the latest buying season and through our long running experience in working with Kenyan producers, we try to break down the ins and outs of coffee in Kenya.

Tune in and listen to Morten and I discuss how Kenyan coffee is grown and traded and find out why these coffees are our all time favourites.

Music by my uncle Jens Wendelboe.

Episode 23

Sustainability in coffee — A conversation with Anja Bakken Riise

In this episode, I speak with Anja Bakken Riise, who is the president of Norwegian environmental and solidarity organisation Framtiden i våre hender (The future in our hands).

The organisation, which now has over 45,000 members, has been instrumental in promoting sustainability in Norway. Recent achievements include helping the Transparency Act come into effect; a law giving consumers the right to know how over 9,000 Norwegian companies safeguard human rights and ensure decent working conditions within their supply chains.

Anja and I have a wide-ranging conversation about coffee and sustainability, a subject that I believe is such an important topic in our industry and one that touches everybody, from farmer to consumer.

You can learn more about Anja by connecting with her on Instagram and about Fremtiden i våre hender on their website here.

Music by my uncle Jens Wendelboe.

Episode 22

2022 - A Coffee Year in Review

In this episode I’m joined by our wholesale manager Ben Symes.

For our final episode of the year, we’re reviewing the highlights of the past 12 months, in both our business and the wider coffee industry.

We discuss how our company has grown and evolved in the past year, my farm Finca el Suelo’s recent second harvest and plans for the project in 2023 and take a look back at this years coffees.

We also cover changing coffee prices, organic farming and our 15th anniversary which we celebrated earlier this year. Brew yourself a coffee and enjoy our reflections as we approach the end of 2022.

Music by my uncle Jens Wendelboe.

Episode 21

A conversation about our coffee farm Finca el Suelo

In this special episode, Tim swaps seats and becomes a guest on the show, handing over hosting duties to our customer service consultant, Sebastian Dyrdal.

To celebrate the launch of its second harvest, Sebastian and Tim talk about Tim’s coffee farm project, Finca el Suelo.

Finca el Suelo is a 7 hectare farm located in El Vegon, in the municipality of El Pital in Huila, Colombia. Tim’s goal with the project is to figure out how to raise coffee quality and increase production with regenerative biological farming practices, and hopefully inspire other farmers to do the same.

Listen to the full episode to learn about the work being done at the farm, gain an understanding of the project’s background and why Tim is working there, along with what the future holds at Finca el Suelo.

Music by my uncle Jens Wendelboe.

Episode 20

What Does a Coffee Importer Do? A conversation with Morten Wennersgaard

In this episode, I speak with Morten Wennersgaard, who is one of the founders of Norwegian green coffee import company, Nordic Approach.

Morten and I have been good friends for many years, and we have collaborated on a number of interesting projects, including Nordic Approach.

Our main focus in this conversation, is about how a coffee importer works, and how green coffee is bought and sold. Morten explain how Nordic Approach came to be and how they helping roasters all over the world, by working at origin where it can be difficult for small roasteries to work, ensuring that regardless of their size, roasters can be sure that the green coffee they are buying has a gurantee of both quality and transparency.

Music by my uncle Jens Wendelboe.

Episode 19

15 years of business - A walk down memory lane with Anders Valde

In this episode, I speak with the legendary first World Aeropress Champion Mr. Anders Valde, who has been a customer in our espresso bar since the day we opened.

Anders is one of the few people who has tasted all the coffees we have ever roasted and has seen our espresso bar evolve over the past 15 years from a customers point of view.

Listen in while we walk down memory lane and talk about the 15 years of history of our company and espresso bar.

Music by my uncle Jens Wendelboe.

Episode 18

How we help offices, restaurants and cafés serve tasty coffee - With Malin Borgås

In this episode our guest is Malin Borgås, our subscription manager that also works with wholesale customer support.

By wholesale we mean other businesses that buy and serve our coffee, so B2B sales if you want. Wether it is in an office, a restaurant, coffee shop or a café, Malin works together with our wholesale manager Ben Symes to help our customers succeed with brewing and serving great coffee.

Learn about how we work and also the common brewing mistakes our customers make that are really easy to fix.

If you are interested in serving our coffee in your business, then please get in touch via our website

Music by my uncle Jens Wendelboe.

Episode 17

How we source and roast coffee — A conversation with our roastery team

In this episode I am joined by Maren Myhre Gullvik and Daniel Vareide. Maren and Daniel are members of our team that work as roasters and baristas.

The episode can best be summed up as a team training session. In this wide ranging conversation, you get to join us at the roastery and learn about how small roasters like us buy coffee and work with producers, and how we operate our roastery.

If you would like to learn more about the farms we work with, you can visit here.

To learn more about my farm Finca el Suelo, visit here.

Music by my uncle Jens Wendelboe.

Episode 16

How to use a coffee flavour wheel — A conversation with Coffee Mind

In this episode I speak once again with one of my favourite researchers and educators in coffee, Mr. Morten Munchow and his colleague and sensory scientist Ida Steen.

They are the people behind the Coffee Mind academy and are doing some fascinating research in coffee. I have had the privilege to be involved with some of their research in various forms and have personally learned a lot from them both over the years.

You might have heard the episodes I recorded last year with Morten on roasting and organic acids in coffee already, but if not please make sure you listen to those episodes as they are highly educational.

Join our conversation about their newly updated coffee tasting flavour wheel and listen to Ida and Morten explain how to utilise the flavour wheel and why it is now updated with both time, temperature, mouthfeel and taste.

The Flavour wheel can be purchased and downloaded here.
Check out the Coffee Mind podcast here.
Visit the Coffee Mind website here.

Episode 15

The importance of transparency in coffee — A conversation with Coffee Collective

In Episode 15 of our podcast I speak with Peter Dupont and Klaus Thomsen who together with Casper Engel founded the Coffee Collective in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2007.

The Coffee Collective is by many, including myself, considered to be one of the few coffee companies in the wold that really walk the talk. They are one of the highest regarded companies in the world when it comes to sourcing and roasting coffees of the best quality and they have from the start of their company been buying coffee focusing on transparency in the value chain and buying coffees as directly as possible from the farmers.

Not only is their company B Corp certified, but they have also been part of developing the idea behind the Pledge and donating data to the Specialty coffee transaction Guide.

It is a privilege to be able to call them my friends as The Coffee Collective have been one of my big inspirations for many years.

In this episode we talk about transparency in coffee, why transparency is important and  what transparency really means.

It is no secret that the commodity coffee price is disconnected from the producers needs to make a decent living. The fact that it has been more or less the same price for over 50 years means that most farmers are not able to make a profit. Looking at inflation alone the price for green coffee should be at least 3-4 times higher than what it is today. You may also have noticed that the «specialty coffee»  companies around the world often say that they pay more for their coffees because it is of high quality. But is it enough, and is the money going back to the farmers? And are we comparing what we pay against the wrong price benchmark?

Tune in to learn more about coffee prices, how we buy coffees and why we believe being transparent is important for the future of coffee.

Links we mentioned in this episode:

Episode 14

2021 A Coffee Year in Review

Join Ben Symes, our whole sale manager, and Tim Wendelboe as they informally sum up and talk about the year 2021 from a coffee roasters perspective. 2021 was an ever changing year, where Covid was dominating the first and last months of the year, there was a frost in Brazil making commodity prices on coffee rise and a lot of people talking about how Kenyan coffees are not what they used to be. Tune in to find out our thoughts about the “coffee year 2021.”

Episode 13

Talking about Colombian Coffee with Alejandro Renjifo

In this episode I speak with Alejandro Renjifo, who was the one who introduced me to Colombia back in 2007 and who is exporting the coffees we buy from Elias Roa and his farm Finca Tamana.

Alejandro has a long history in the coffee industry and is one of the pioneers in the developing of the FNC’s (Colombian Coffee Growers Federation) specialty coffee program.

Today Alejandro is an exporter of high quality Colombian coffees and he loves to facilitate connections and help establish long term relationships between coffee growers and coffee roasters.

This was not really a structured conversation but since Alejandro is an opinionated person and has a lot of history and knowledge about quality coffee in Colombia, I thought it would be nice to have a long conversation to get a better insight to Colombia as a coffee producing country. 

Alejandro loves to talk, so we discuss everything from Colombian coffee varieties & rust resistance and why most coffees are not sustainably grown in Colombia. He also touches on the history of Colombian coffee and why he was asked to introduce a «specialty coffee» program by the FNC.

More importantly we speak about the importance of relationships and what that really means and  Alejandro shares his opinion on why he believes that commitment in the coffee trade is the only way to make it transformative for the growers and the roasters.

Episode 12

Interview with the 2021 World Barista Champion Diego Campos

In this episode I am having a long conversation with my dear friend and freshly crowned World Barista Champion of 2021, Diego Campos. Diego is a Colombian barista that I have known since 2014 when he came with me to Finca Tamana to help me translate. It did not take long before we became good friends and since 2014 I have been privileged to be able to work with Diego both on improving the farm practices at Finca Tamana, working at our own farm Finca el Suelo as well as training him for barista competitions and learning about coffee together with him. Today Diego is married to Elias Roa’s daughter Derlin, and together they own Finca el Diamante, a small coffee farm in Belen, Huila.

Join our conversation as Diego’s talks about his long road to victory and how he became a world barista champion.

Episode 11

Tasting coffees from Finca el Suelo with Fotios Daflas

In episode 11, my guest is Mr. Fotios Daflas. Fotios used to work with us as a barista and coffee roaster but is now working at Solberg & Hansen in their roastery. In 2019 Fotios traveled with me to Colombia to visit Finca Tamana and our own farm Finca el Suelo. For a full week he helped me work on the farm, making compost, spraying compost tea, spreading wood chips around the trees and removing weeds. Since then some of the coffee trees on our farm have started producing coffee and recently we received the very first harvest that was big enough to roast and taste properly.

I was so excited to taste the coffees from our own farm so I wanted to share the experience with Fotios as a token of appreciation for all the work he put in to the farm during his visit.

Join us in this episode as we discuss the very first coffees we have tasted from Finca el Suelo, what they are and how they taste.

The coffees were the following:

1. Variedad Colombia & Castillo blend from Finca Tamana

2. Caturra from Finca el Suelo

3. Ethiopian cultivar from Finca el Suelo

4. Semper Florens cultivar from the variety garden at Finca el Suelo

5. Geisha from Finca el Suelo

6. Común cultivar from the variety garden at Finca el Suelo

Follow our farm on instagram @fincaelsuelo

Episode 10

Morten Munchow on Organic Acids in Coffee

This is the second episode that I recorded with Mr. Morten Munchow during my trip to Copenhagen in August 2021. Morten is an old coffee friend of mine and a fabulous coffee scientist. He runs the company Coffee Mind and together with his colleague Ida Steen he has been doing a lot of interesting research within the coffee world, mainly focusing on coffee roasting and the sensory evaluation of coffee. They also provide training for both coffee professionals and other people who are interested in coffee roasting and sensory training.

In this particular episode, Morten is talking about some of their latest research on organic acids in coffee. You can also learn more by watching their videos on this subject on or their YouTube channel.

Episode 9

Coffee Scientist Morten Munchow on Coffee Roasting

The guest in this episode is Mr. Morten Munchow who is an old coffee friend of mine. Morten is a scientist and runs the company Coffee Mind. Morten and his colleague Ida Steen have been doing a lot of interesting research within the coffee world, mainly focusing on coffee roasting and the sensory evaluation of coffee. They also provide training for both coffee professionals and other people who are interested in coffee roasting and sensory training.

I love speaking with Morten as he always strive to educate people based on known facts rather than assumptions and theories. He is always very good at talking about complex subjects but making them simple and understandable for people who are not scientists.


Join me in this episode as we discuss some of his research on coffee roasting, the importance of using quality ingredients, and why you must measure roast colour if you are a coffee roaster.

Episode 8

Funky Coffee

Join us for another coffee podcast episode where I discuss funky coffees together with Jamie Jongkind  who works with sales and coffee purchasing at Nordic Approach. It is no surprise that I am personally not a huge fan of coffees that has pronounced flavours of fermentation, but our guest Jamie explains why he loves funky coffees and what fermentation can contribute with in terms of flavours.

This is a long episode where we discuss natural processed coffees vs washed coffees, try to explain what anaerobic and carbonic macerated  coffees means and we dig in to what kind of flavours you can expect or what to watch out for in these strange and trendy coffees.

Episode 7

Managing Our Espresso Bar With Stephanie Dawn Holm

In our 7th episode I speak with our fantastic bar manager, Stephanie Dawn Holm who has been working with us for 10 years and has been our bar manager for a very long time. Listen while we talk about how we hire, train and do our quality control in our Espresso Bar.

Episode 6

A chat about Marit’s trip to Central-America

In this episode I am joined by my team member Marit who is one of our roasters and baristas. Marit was traveling with me to Central America in February this year where we visited Gilberto at Los Pirineos in El Salvador, Moises Herrera and Marysabel Caballero in Marcala and Jobneel at Finca Nacimiento in Santa Barbara in Honduras. Marit shares some of her experiences from her first ever visit to a coffee farm and we talk about how it is to taste coffees at origin and share some of our memories from the trip.

Music by uncle Jens Wendelboe

Episode 5

Coffee Processing at Los Pirineos with Gilberto Baraona

In our fifth episode I visit famous coffee producer Gilberto Baraona on his coffee farm Los Pirineos in El Salvador. Listen in while we speak about coffee processing and also about Gilberto’s farm that has been in his family for over 100 years. Gilberto will also explain how different processes like washed, natural, honey or anaerobic fermentation affect coffee flavour and how he is able to custom make different qualities of coffee for different clients. We have been buying coffees from Gilberto since 2009 but mainly the washed coffees he produces. Gilberto is not only a great producer but has become a good friend and a person that inspires me and that I respect a lot.

Episode 4

Espresso with Anders Fretheim - Part 2

In our fourth podcast episode, I am joined by our colleague Anders Fretheim who works with sales and customer support. Anders is also a barista and used to run his own coffee shop.  In this episode we discuss Espresso and why it is almost always disappointing. We share our experience on how to fix common problems to get your extractions up so that your shots starts to taste really good.

This is part two of our conversation about espresso that started in episode 3.

Here are some links we mention in episode 3 & 4:

Chris Baca on hacking mazzer wire screensJames Hoffmann video, Matt Perger Distributing espresso, Matt Perger & Refractometers

Episode 3

Espresso with Anders Fretheim - Part 1

In our third podcast episode, I am joined by our colleague Anders Fretheim who works with sales and customer support. Anders is also a barista and used to run his own coffee shop.  In this episode we discuss Espresso and why it is almost always disappointing. We share our experience on how to fix common problems to get your extractions up so that your shots starts to taste really good.

Here are some links we mention in episode 3 & 4:

Chris Baca on hacking mazzer wire screens, James Hoffmann video, Matt Perger Distributing espresso, Matt Perger & Refractometers

Episode 2

Roasting with Ben Symes - Part 2

In our second podcast episode, I continue chatting with our roaster, trainer and overall cool guy Ben Symes. Ben recently started hosting roast workshops at our lab and roastery in Oslo, Norway and also abroad.

In part two of this podcast we talk about why green coffee moisture meters are confusing, modulating roast profiles, the perfect roast curve, the importance of colour measurements and what we think is the best way to improve your roasting skills.

Episode 1

Roasting with Ben Symes - Part 1

In our first podcast episode, I am joined by our colleague, roaster, trainer and overall cool guy, Ben Symes. Ben recently started hosting roast workshops at our lab and roastery in Oslo, Norway and also abroad. Here we discuss some of the topics we generally will teach in a roasting class.

In part one we discuss the importance of green coffee quality, the secrets behind our 8 Nordic Roaster Championship victories and more. More topics will be covered in part two.

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