From Kaffa’s Forests to Your Cup: The story of Negussie Tadesse and Tatmara Coffee Plantation (#32)

In this episode, I’m thrilled to introduce you to Negussie Tadesse, the man behind Tatmara Coffee Plantation in the historic region of Kaffa, Ethiopia – a place many consider the birthplace of coffee.

Join us as we explore Negussie’s inspiring story: from his initial journey into coffee farming to the enormous task of establishing Tatmara Coffee Plantation in 2010.

We discuss our collaboration with Belco, the company that first introduced me to Negussie and why my first visit to Tatmara in 2018, coinciding with Ethiopia’s opening for direct sales, was a significant milestone.

We also talk about why I always seek to establish direct relationships with the producers we buy from and the benefits of having a shared vision of continual improvement.

Negussie also opens up about a challenging year when rains devastated his crop, providing a glimpse into the realities of coffee farming.

Looking ahead, we’ll hear about his future aspirations for Tatmara and the challenges he anticipates in consistently producing high-quality coffee.

Music by my uncle Jens Wendelboe.

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