Celebrating a Quarter Century in Coffee with Andreas Hertzberg – Part 2 (#31)

Join me as I sit down once again with Andreas Hertzberg for the second part of our conversation celebrating my 25-year journey in the coffee industry. This episode is a deep dive into the genesis of my own company and how my vision, encapsulated in a business plan from 2006, has grown into the reality that is Tim Wendelboe AS today.

As we commemorate the opening of my coffee shop in June 2007, Andreas and I discuss the story of how I developed my approach to sourcing green coffee and the evolution towards roasting lighter, flavourful profiles that we have become know for.

We also reflect on the digital revolution and how the internet has become the most significant innovation in the coffee landscape over recent decades, reshaping everything from consumer engagement to educational outreach. Lastly, we touch on the meticulous journey of enhancing the quality of our coffee, a quest that has been at the heart of everything we do.

Music by my uncle Jens Wendelboe.

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