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8x Winner of the Nordic Roaster Championship
(2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2010, 2009, 2008)
World Barista Champion, 2004
3 x Norwegian Barista Champion
(2004, 2002, 2001)

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Media Mentions


Financial Times – The best independent coffee shops in the world


DN,Smak – Tim Wendelboe lanserer kaffe aquavit

5TH Wave Magazine – Growing an icon

SHACK15 – Coffee + Chocolate

Scottish Centre for Global History – Coffee in the 21st Century


NRK – Drivkraft

Vårt Oslo – Et bortgjemt stykke kaffeglede på Løkka

The Coffee Quest – What is Collaboration?

Coffeando – Tim Wendelboe: how I lived the two months that have changed the way we drink coffee

Vogue Paris – The 9 best hotspots in Oslo

Sovdacoffee – How Coffee Shop Owners are Coping with the Crisis


Daily Mail – Oslo for under £100 a night!

BrentonOnTour – Coffee Cast

Hyllands Verden – Ideas for the sustainable city

Baristainstitute – A cup of coffee with Tim Wendelboe

Fredensborg Bolig – Vi prater kaffe med Tim Wendelboe

coffee t&i – Tim Wendelboe: A Humble Heart for Coffee

SPRUDGE – Jenny Hval’s New Album Fueled By Tim Wendelboe Coffee


TV2 Norge – ‘En Bit av Norden’ with Niklas Ekstedt 

Dagens Næringsliv – Dette er nordmennene bak stjernerestauranten Noma

Michelin Guide – Coffee at Night in Tokyo

Apertif – Han Gir Espressoen En Ny Sjanse

Sagene Avis – Når Tim Wendelboe sørger for kaffen til loppemarkedet…

The Independent – Oslo: The Ultimate City Guide on What to Do, See, Eat and Drink in Norway’s Capital

Kinfolk – Tim Wendelboe 

European Coffee Trip – An Ultimate Guide to Coffee on YouTube

Sprudge – 21 Illustrated Questions for Tim Wendelboe


Aperitifi – He gives the espresso a second chance

The Daily Meal – Oslo Coffee Expert Tim Wendelboe Wants to Change the Way We Drink Coffee

GQ Magazine – The 5 best coffee shops in the world

Bakeri – 4 tips til bedre kaffe 

Munchies Guide to Norway: The City Life

Godt – Tim Wendelboe feirer 10-årsjubileum: – Jeg har aldri prøvd å være venn med alle

Damn Magazine – A taste for coffee. Gaggengau honours the bean 

Tim Wendelboe: 6 Ways to Improve Your Coffee Roasting Skills

SAS – Guide to the best coffee in Oslo

Unpacking Coffee – Interview with Tim Wendelboe

Vogue – Oslo’s Best Food, Coffee, and Shopping Are All in This One Neighborhood

Thoroughly Review – Top 10 Coffee Bloggers

Life & Thyme – Tim Wendelboe and the Art of Coffee Farming 

Sprudge Wire – “Espresso Subscriptions & Tim Wendelboe At The La Marzocco Cafe”

Sprudge – “Tim Wendelboe Talks Noma Mexico, La Marzocco Cafe Residency”

NRK – “Nå er det svart kaffe som er trendy”

Tjeck Magazine – “Interview med verdens vildeste kaffechamp”


Brygg – “Pretty Straightforward”

CNN – “How Norway is changing the way we drink coffee”

European Coffee Trip – “7 Questions for Tim Wendelboe”

Prima Coffee Equipment – “World Barista Championship 2015 Interview | Tim Wendelboe” 

Yo amo el cafe de colombia – “Barista Noruego Habla Sobre Su Alianza Con Caficultor Del Huila”

GloHoliday – “The Best Cup Of Coffee In Scandinavia”

Stavanger Aftenblad – “Svart magi” 


Le.com – “Tim Wendelboe, a rockstar in the fine coffee world”

Dagens Næringsliv – “Lei kaffeautomaten? Slik lager du god kaffe på jobb”

Nationen – “Tim Wendelboe – kaffebonden fra Bærum”

Dagens Næringsliv – “Nå sitter jeg på farmen min i Colombia og håper på regn”

Sprudge – “Tim Wendelboe Bought A Coffee Farm”

Eater – “Why Did World Barista Champ Tim Wendelboe Buy a Coffee Farm in Colombia?”

The New York Times Travel – “Favorite Streets in 12 European Cities”

Telegraph Travel – “The world’s most ‘hipster’ neighbourhoods”

Coffee Awesome – “January 2015 – Tim Wendelboe (part 1)”

Coffee Awesome – “February 2015 – Tim Wendelboe (part 2)”

Tabletop Journal – “Figgjo: New OSLO, Intensifying The Coffee Drinking Experience”

Worldchefs – “Figgjo – sets a new standard for serving coffee”

Sprudge Wire – “Turn Back The Clock With Tim Wendelboe’s ‘Now And Then’ Espresso Experience”

Litfest – “Tim Wendelboe Guest blog”

Eater – “How One Family Farm is Changing the Face of Brazilian Coffee”

Sprudge – “More World Barista Championship Street Style With Joanna Han”

Hotelier International – “Tim Wendelboe”

Coffee Awesome – “DRIP: Tim Wendelboe: It started when I…”

Home-Barista.com – “Tim Wendelboe on Roasting/Pourover/Espresso/Cupping [videos + index]”

Sprudge – “BREAK IN: Tim Wendelboe Coffee Burglarized And You’ll Never Guess What They Stole”

The Inquisitr – “Tim Wendelboe Coffee Shop Burglarized”

Figgjo AS – “Nyhet: Figgjo Oslo – forsterker kaffeopplevelsen!”

LXUS – “Figgjo + Tim Wendelboe = sant”

Culina – Figgjo Oslo [PDF]

Horecanytt – “Figgjo samarbeider med Tim Wendelboe”

NRK – “Kaffetørste innbruddstyver knuste ruta”




The New York Times





The Village Voice


The Village Voice

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Aftenposten.no – Verdens best kaffe (The world’s best coffee)

Nespresso Debate in Aftenposten.no part 1

Nespresso Debate in Aftenposten.no part 2


Dagens Næringsliv






NRK Dagsrevyen 04th April



El País

Birds of Unusual Vitality



Natt og Dag, September



Life in Norway


USA Today





Bon Appetit


Little Scandinavian



Around the food, Interview

Snakker ikke norsk, Radio Nova, February


The New York Times

Lost at E Minor

Under Kniven, Aftenposten, February 10th



Turen går til, November

The New York Times blog, October 14th

FBI at NRK, September 23rd

FBI TV feature at NRK, September 23rd


Østlandssendingen 11.nov. (Radio Podcast)

Oslopuls part 1, June 17th

Oslopuls part 2, June 17th


Mamizeit – “How to improve the quality of your everyday coffee”


Slow Food Oslo – “Fra kaffebønne til kaffekopp”

Apéritif – “Slik blir du verdensmester”

Apéritif – “Vant NM i Baristakunst”

NRK – TV story about coffee consumption in Norway

Oslopuls – “Morgenstund har…”

Oslopuls – “Tim Wendelboe”


Where to go – “Mekka for kaffeelskere”

Radio clip made by media students (mp3)

Peppernet – “Om litt er kaffen klar”

Peppernet – “Verdens beste kafeer? Prøv Russland!”

TINE commercial

Espresso Spesialisten – “Tim Wendelboe har åpnet!”

Oslopuls – “Tim Wendelboe AS”

Aftenposten – “Skal det være litt hjemmebrent?”

Spisekartet Restaurantguide – “Tim Wendelboe i Grünersgate 1”


Glad i mat – “Prøv TIMs kresne kaffe”

Postimees – “Kohvile pühendatud elu ”

gimme! coffee – “Espresso Training with Tim W.”

Colombian magazine (“Mejores herramientas para un mejor espresso”)


WBC programme

Café Europa No. 21 – “A championship year”

Tønsbergs Blad – “Kaffekunstner på Teie”

Camagro – “Experto de la catación alaba café hondureño”

Honduras This Week Travel and Tourism – “Copan Update”

CoffeeWorld – “World Barista Champion Wendelboe achieves surprise win at Cup Tasting Championship”

SCAE – “2nd Cup tasters World Championship won by reigning Barista world champion Tim Wendelboe”

Dagens Næringsliv – “Verdens beste i kaffesmaking”

Beige – brochure for TINE & SH


Barista Magazine – “Barista at large…”

Zine – “Kaffepause”

PT’s Coffee poster (funny)

The Pitch – “Java the Hutt”

VG – “- Latte ingen hverdagsdrikk”

Beige – “Norrman världsmästare i att göra espresso”

Beige – “Mästare : 2004”

SCAE – “World Barista Championship in Trieste – Wendelboe wins for Norway!”

Diario El Mundo – “Cierre con nuevas pérdidas”

Aftenposten – “Norge vant VM i kaffekunst”

Dagens næringsliv – “Kaffeverdensmester”

NRK FBI – “Espresso til hjemmebruk”

Apéritif – “Gammel traver igjen på kaffetoppen”

TV2 – “NM i Baristakunst”

Temperato – “Resultater og bilder fra NM i baristakunst”


TINE milk carton (funny)

TINE – “Vinn baristakurs i Italia!”

Art of Taste (TV 2 hjelper deg) – “Test av kaffe”(1/2)

Art of Taste (TV 2 hjelper deg) – “Test av kaffe”(2/2)

Dagsavisen – “Kald kaffe på varme dager”

The Flamekeeper – “Norway and Coffee”(Third Wave, Trish R. Skeie)

Hvem Hva Hvor – “Kaffekulturen”


SCAE – 2002 World Barista Championship results

CoffeeGeek – “Interview with Tim Wendelboe, Master Barista”

Color Line magazine – “Iskald kaffenytelse” / “Ice cold coffee delight”

Oslopuls – “Ingen bønn”

Oslopuls – “Kaffekameratene”

Dagbladet – “Kaffegutt”

Dagbladet – “Verdens beste kaffekokere”

Dagbladet. – “Norsk andreplass i kaffe-VM”

Forbrukerrapporten – “Øvelse gjør mester”

“Bønner i by’n”


Avis1 – “Verdens nest beste kaffekunstner”


Avis1 – “Kul kaffe lages med kjærlighet”

Spisekartet.no – “Nykommere og unge markerer seg”

Aftenposten – “I espressofart til NM”

Lykkens Portal – “Te for trend” (Tim Wendelboe’s first media appearance)

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