Meet The Producer – Caballero Farm’s Moises Herrera, Part 1 (#26)

In this episode, I’m delighted to welcome a dear friend and esteemed coffee producer of the Caballero coffees in Honduras, mr. Moises Herrera.

Moises is part of a family that has helped shape the high-quality coffee production industry in Honduras, and his stories and experiences are nothing short of inspiring.

We journey through Moises’ own history in coffee, recalling when our paths first intersected. Our conversation takes us through the colourful spectrum of coffee varieties and on the unique challenges and rewards associated with each type. As we discuss labour dynamics, you’ll hear about Moises’ commitment to fair wages and profit-sharing – a testament to his belief in the value of every hand that helps create his product. We’ll also delve into a transformative drying experiment we conducted together, and you’ll hear Moises’ perspective on the trend of ‘Funky Coffees.’ This is an episode rich with the passion and complexity that drives the world of coffee production.

You can learn more about the Caballero farm, on our website here.

Music by my uncle Jens Wendelboe.

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