Interview with the 2021 World Barista Champion Diego Campos (#12)

In this episode I am having a long conversation with my dear friend and freshly crowned World Barista Champion of 2021, Diego Campos. Diego is a Colombian barista that I have known since 2014 when he came with me to Finca Tamana to help me translate. It did not take long before we became good friends and since 2014 I have been privileged to be able to work with Diego both on improving the farm practices at Finca Tamana, working at our own farm Finca el Suelo as well as training him for barista competitions and learning about coffee together with him. Today Diego is married to Elias Roa’s daughter Derlin, and together they own Finca el Diamante, a small coffee farm in Belen, Huila.

Join our conversation as Diego’s talks about his long road to victory and how he became a world barista champion.

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