Tasting coffees from Finca el Suelo with Fotios Daflas (#11)

In episode 11, my guest is Mr. Fotios Daflas. Fotios used to work with us as a barista and coffee roaster but is now working at Solberg & Hansen in their roastery. In 2019 Fotios traveled with me to Colombia to visit Finca Tamana and our own farm Finca el Suelo. For a full week he helped me work on the farm, making compost, spraying compost tea, spreading wood chips around the trees and removing weeds. Since then some of the coffee trees on our farm have started producing coffee and recently we received the very first harvest that was big enough to roast and taste properly.

I was so excited to taste the coffees from our own farm so I wanted to share the experience with Fotios as a token of appreciation for all the work he put in to the farm during his visit.

Join us in this episode as we discuss the very first coffees we have tasted from Finca el Suelo, what they are and how they taste.

The coffees were the following:

1. Variedad Colombia & Castillo blend from Finca Tamana

2. Caturra from Finca el Suelo

3. Ethiopian cultivar from Finca el Suelo

4. Semper Florens cultivar from the variety garden at Finca el Suelo

5. Geisha from Finca el Suelo

6. Común cultivar from the variety garden at Finca el Suelo

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