How to use a coffee flavour wheel — A conversation with Coffee Mind (#16)

In this episode I speak once again with one of my favourite researchers and educators in coffee, Mr. Morten Munchow and his colleague and sensory scientist Ida Steen.

They are the people behind the Coffee Mind academy and are doing some fascinating research in coffee. I have had the privilege to be involved with some of their research in various forms and have personally learned a lot from them both over the years.

You might have heard the episodes I recorded last year with Morten on roasting and organic acids in coffee already, but if not please make sure you listen to those episodes as they are highly educational.

Join our conversation about their newly updated coffee tasting flavour wheel and listen to Ida and Morten explain how to utilise the flavour wheel and why it is now updated with both time, temperature, mouthfeel and taste.

The Flavour wheel can be purchased and downloaded here.
Check out the Coffee Mind podcast here.
Visit the Coffee Mind website here.

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