2023 – A Coffee Year in Review (#33)

In this episode, I sit down with Ben Symes, our wholesale manager, to reflect on an eventful 2023. 

Join us as we discuss how our espresso bar has been a pivotal part of our growth this year and how we have managed to grow the production in our roastery to an all time high.

We also delve into our partnership with Noma in Copenhagen. Celebrating a decade of collaboration, this year we took a significant step in evolving the way Noma serves coffee, and I’m excited to share these developments with you.

Find out which coffees were our personal favourites this year and what developments have taken place on each farm we buy from.

We touch on some tougher topics, such as the rising costs impacting coffee farms, including fertiliser and labour expenses and how migration is a threat to coffee production in Central-America. I’ll also share insights from one of my highlights of 2023, my recent trip to Guatemala, focusing on our move towards organic practices across the Latin American farms we work with.

To cap it off, Ben and I talk about what’s on the horizon for 2024, including our participation in the “Best Roaster Competition,” the ‘World of Coffee’ in Copenhagen and the upcoming launch of the next harvest from Finca el Suelo.

Links mentioned in this episode:
Video: Our Roastery Timelapse
Podcast: Coffee in Kenya – A conversation with Morten Wennersgaard
Video: Lance Hedrick’s video on the Noruego being served at Noma
Video: Noma’s instagram reel on how they now make coffee

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