Celebrating a Quarter Century in Coffee with Andreas Hertzberg (#30)

In this special episode, I celebrate my 25th year of working in the coffee industry. Joining me for this reflective chat is my good friend Andreas Hertzberg, the Co-founder of Nordic Approach and the chairman of our company’s board.

We retrace our steps to the early days at Stockfleth’s and Solberg & Hansen, reminiscing about our shared journey – a journey filled with mutual learning, inspiration, discovery and being part of the development of modern coffee culture in Norway.

I dive deep into my inaugural competition, and together, Andreas and I discuss why the 2002 World Barista Championship holds such a pivotal place in my professional journey.

We explore the ‘Cup of Excellence’ and its impact on coffee pricing dynamics. The importance of transparency, the moral obligation of paying our producers a commendable price, and how the ‘Cup of Excellence’ has influenced these practices.

We then take a nostalgic trip down memory lane, discussing the historical significance of the Nordic Barista Cup and the Nordic Roaster forum. Sit back and join us in celebrating this silver milestone in the realm of coffee. Cheers to a quarter of a century and hopefully many more to come!

Music by my uncle Jens Wendelboe.

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