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What’s Cropping Up – Dec 2019

Hello Everyone,

Greetings from Kenya where I am on my annual pilgrimage to visit farms and cooperatives. Last week I was in Ethiopia visiting Tatmara Coffee Plantation, Echemo and Fahem to discuss the current harvest and plan for our next year’s purchases and projects there.  It was amazing to see especially Negussie at Tatmara and Khalid at Echemo who both had  invested a lot of money into their farm’s infrastructure. Thanks to you who support our work, we are able to pay a good price for their coffees so that they are able to build drying beds and houses on their farms. They were expressing a lot of joy and also told me that they are motivated to continue working hard in order to provide us with quality coffee. I am therefore very much looking forward to the coffees we will be getting from them in 2020. Until then you can try their 2018/19 harvest as we have both available at the moment.

What you missed:

– Fotis’ first trip to Colombia was a lot of fun and very eye-opening but also, as he says, a lot of work. I have created an Instagram Story folder called “Fotis Process” if you want see what we were up to. We are also currently preparing his Instagram Takeover during which Fotis will share his journey from his own point of view. Stay tuned on our Instagram.

– Congratulations to Ben for hosting our first ever roasting course here in Oslo. And big thanks again for those who attended. You’ll be pleased to hear that we have already secured our dates for our next roasting courses in March 2020. We have 2 available dates so check out our website for more info and tickets.

What’s Next:

Order your Christmas Coffees with plenty of buffer time. Remember, if you would like some of our Christmas Coffees for the holiday season then please account for the shipment times listed on our website. We suggest ordering as soon as possible since there may be delays with worldwide postal services at this time of year. In our experience the optimal period to consume our coffee is from 1 week after roasting to within 5 weeks of the roast date, so even if you order now, it will still taste great throughout the month of December.

– Our Gift Coffee Subscriptions make a great present for your friends and loved ones that appreciate a good cup of fresh, tasty, high quality coffee. Our scheduled roast date for all Christmas Gift Coffee Subscriptions will be Monday, 6th January and by Wednesday, 8th January all subscriptions will be sent out all over the world. This means that your recipient can look forward to their first subscription pack from us sometime mid to end Jan 2020, depending on where they live. A tasty start to the new year…

– Looking for other Christmas Gift Ideas? – Check out our Christmas Coffees, coffee tasting gift card and new Wilfa grinder.

Happy holidays from all of us,
Tim & Co.
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