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New Coffee Release: Kiawamururu & Los Pirineos

Hello Everyone,
We recently released the Kiawamururu and Los Pirineos Bourbon Elite coffees on our webshop. See details below.

Kiawamururu, Kenya

Flavour notes: Raspberries, red apples & rose hips
Producer: Several smallholders farmers
Harvest: December 2018
Origin: Nyeri, Kenya
Cultivar: SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11 & Batian

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I am so glad to have some coffee from Kiawamururu again. Kiawamururu was one of the first wet mills I ever visited in Kenya over 10 years ago and also one of the first Kenyan coffees we bought direct from a cooperative in Kenya back in the days. I really love the delicate sweet fruity notes in this coffee and was very pleased to see how well the coffee was processed during my visit in December 2018. Daniel, the factory / wet mill manager, was telling me that although in general in Kenya there were a lot of problems with coffee berry disease and other coffee diseases during the 2018 crop year, the quality of the cherries delivered to the Kiawamururu wet mill was of better quality than in the 2017 crop. All I can say is that this year’s crop tasted at least as good as last year’s crop which shows that the processing and drying is very consistent at this wet mill.

Los Pirineos, El Salvador

Flavour notes: Chocolate, toasted nuts & dried fruit
Producer: Gilberto Baraona
Harvest: February – March 2019
Origin: Tecapa-Chinameca, Usulutan, El Salvador
Cultivar: Bourbon Elite

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This is the Bourbon Elite (old Bourbon) coffee from the top of Gilberto’s farm (or the top of the volcano if you like.) I think this year Gilberto has produced the best quality ever on his farm and although he got 2nd place with a different lot of Bourbon this year I think the increased quality really shows in all of his coffees. The Bourbon Elite is very sweet this year with loads of brown sugar, toasted nuts and hints of dried raisins and figs. Of course it will always have the chocolaty character that his coffees are so well known for.

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Tim & Crew

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