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Our New Roastery

We have built a new Roastery in Oslo. After ten years of roasting all of our coffees in our micro-roastery in Grünerløkka on site at our first and only espresso bar/shop at Grüners gate 1 we have expanded the roasting operation. The new roastery is just a short walk away from the espresso bar in the Tøyen neighborhood of Oslo. The new space allows for the team to have more room for all of their operations while roasting, and packing as well as a cold storage room for some of our green beans. One floor up from the roastery are our new offices as well as space for a cupping lab and educational center. Not only do we have a new roastery space, but we have a new roaster. We have lovingly let our 1960s Probat move on to its next home in Oslo after ten good years. We have been using our new Loring S35 Kestrel since February. The max batch capacity on the roaster is 35kg. The roaster weighs 1,134 kg and glistens from top to bottom. Our experience roasting on the new Loring is that we have complete control over the temperature of the drum which means we are able to repeat and roast every batch of coffee with more consistency than with our old roaster. We find our coffees tasting sweeter, more developed and more consistent. We are able to roast even lighter and more uniformly than ever before yet the coffees taste more developed. Our current team of roasters; Ben, Marit and I, are all extremely happy to be roasting on this new machine and we can’t wait to be testing more profiles on the coffees that will start arriving in the coming months.  We hope you can eventually visit us there for a special event or a class. 

Check out Ben and I explain some of the finer points of our roasting process here on-site at the new Tim Wendelboe Roastery in the video below and look out for our next release which will be the second part in this two part series.

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