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Check out our latest partners & stockists – Spring 2019

Here is a list of all our new partners and stockists as of 1st April 2019.

Those with an asterisk*** are also selling our coffees to take home.

To view our full stockists list worldwide, see here.

If you’d like to work with us as a wholesaler, contact [email protected].


Brutus – Restaurant

Café le Frere – Cafe***

Caramel – Cafe***

Centrum Regnskap – Office

Dugurd Kantiner – Restaurant*** 

Fade Frisør – Hair Salon

Fretheim Hotel – Hotel***

The Golden Chimp – Restaurant

Haakon – Restaurant***

Handwerk Botaniske – Cafe***

Handwerk Vulkan – Cafe***

Haugastøl Turistsenter***

Hitchhiker – Restaurant***

Hot Shop – Restaurant

Hrimnir – Restaurant

Jovialen Drammen – Espresso Bar***

Kafferiet Horten – Cafe

Katla – Restaurant

Krutt – Espreso Bar*** 

MAD Oslo – Office

MAD Stavanger – Office

MAD Bergen – Office

Nalu Nalu Frisør – Haidresser’s

Oslo K Frogner – Restaurant***

Restaurant Under – Restaurant

Ro Sommernes Advokater – Office

Sentralen – Restaurant***

Sesto Restaurant, Steen & Strøm

Smalhans – Restaurant

Spontan Vinbar – Restaurant

Stasjonen – Restaurant***

Strada Lillehammer – Espresso Bar

Strand – Restaurant

Taktil Arkitekter – Office

Vega – Restaurant***

Vin Bjørvika – Wine Bar*** 

Vulkan Matsal – Restaurant


Atsushi Tanaka, Paris – Restaurant

CTS Group – Webshop***

Kofio CZ – Webshop***

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