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Mad Symposium 6

I am thrilled and honored to report that I will be doing the coffee program at the MAD Symposium alongside some of our favorite roasters from August 26-27th. MAD was founded by noma’s founder/chef Rene Redzepi as a non-profit to investigate the future of food through events and collaboration with the most influential figures from the cooking world and beyond. The latest, MAD6, will be held on August 26-27, 2018. Attendees discuss the things that matter most in food. I am looking forward to connecting with chefs and entrepreneurs I know and some I have yet to meet, learning about what they have planned for 2019 and years to come while providing everyone with tasty coffee. At Tim Wendelboe we’re willing culture shifters, recognizing the needs and values of the producers who make our food and steward our edible world. In a great and heady compliment to our busy workaday coffee roasting, brewing and farming world, the event will cover the big ideas everything from migration and creativity to food justice and tomorrow’s kitchen. It’s going to be a delight to make coffee for these chefs and thinkers with so much passion for their craft, techniques, communities and our shared earth. Please stay tuned to my Instagram for live reports from Refshaleøen, the former industrial site in the harbor of Copenhagen, Denmark that will serve as the site of MAD6.


image of me from Sprudge at MAD4 

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