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Coffee Subscription Tasting with Friends April 2018

This month I taste Nacimiento Pacas April with Cori our substitute Digital and Marketing Manager. The idea is that you can learn about the coffee you are drinking while drinking it. Just a week ago, I was with Jobneel surrounded by the gorgeous and steep mountains of Finca Nacimiento. These days during the harvest, Jobneel is moving the coffee every 20 minutes during daytime in order to make sure the coffee is dried evenly. He also picks out all the defect beans by hand in order to make sure the coffees are as clean as possible. Constantly checking the humidity level is also important in order to make sure the coffee is not over or under dried. The dryers are equipped with shade nets that prolong the drying times resulting in a much longer shelf life for his coffees, which means it is still tasting reasonably fresh even a year after harvest.  This concentrated drying effort compliments the harvest of his coffee whose flavour intensity and fruitiness increases both as the harvest gets deeper into the year and higher up the growing slope. The coffees picked in April and on into June are normally from the higher part of the farm from 1600-1800masl. In this coffee we’re tasting flavours of: Red berries, chocolate & cherries. 


Coffee Subscription Tasting with Friends – April 2018 from Tim Wendelboe on Vimeo.

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