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Our Coffee Subscription

In the past few months we have gotten a lot of questions about our coffee subscription. It’s an initiative we are working on expanding and refining this year. From month to month subscribers will receive coffees that I choose exclusively for them. We are starting to recieve small lots of new varieties from some of the producers we buy from and are trying to send these out to our subscribers as much as we can. Right now, for instance, Marit is roasting a small batch of SL28 from Finca Tamana to mail out to our subscribers tomorrow. Every month we write a letter and produce a video for our subscribers to talk a bit about the coffees, you can see all of the videos here, so that as you taste the flavours you can learn more about them and how their taste has been developed. We offer the choice to have 1,2 or 3  bags of freshly roasted filter or espresso coffee sent directly from us to you. Once you sign up, the correct payment is taken automatically out of your bank account on the 27th of every month. In Norway, it costs NOK 115 per bag + shipping (*including VAT) and in the rest of World: NOK 100 per bag + shipping (*VAT is removed at checkout). Then on the first Wednesday of the next month, we send you our favourites to enjoy at home or at work. We have found that the best brewing results come after allowing the beans to rest approximately 5-10 days after roasting. So, by the time you receive our parcel in the mail, you should be ready to go. Right now we are sending our coffee subscriptions all over Norway and the world, to places like Svalbard, Seoul and Sydney. I encourage you to try it . . . there is no binding period and you can also give it as a gift to someone you really like who deserves great coffee. 


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