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Danish Cup Tasting Championship 2018

Danmarksmesterskabet i kaffe will take place on May 18-20 in Copenhagen, where there will be Cupping, Brewer’s Cup and Barista Championships. In addition to the competitions, Denmark’s best coffee bars, and coffee makers will be there. We will be roasting and supplying all of the coffees for the cup tasting championship and for the compulsory round at the Brewers Cup this year. Steff, our amazing longtime (seven years and counting!) bar/store manager and barista is supporting the Danish organiser in this National Championship. As in the photo above, Steff has been working this year with the new restaurant noma to help calibrate their coffee and in recent years with it’s sister restaurants 108 Cph and Barr. (These are the only places in Copenhagen where you can drink our coffee.) She knows the Danish coffee scene well and I am very happy she’s going to be in charge of brewing all of the coffees for the Cup Tasters Championship and controlling the set up. For those of you unfamiliar with what goes on at an event like this, the Cup Tasting Championship, for instance . . . there will be a blind tasting of 8 triangles with three coffees in each triangle and out of three, one cup will be different. The participants need to pick the odd cup out and the winner is the one who has the most amount correct and used the shortest time. The winners of the various championships will go on to compete in their respective World Championships.

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