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Coffee Subscription Tasting with Friends May 2018

This month, I discuss the delicious Finca Tamana Castillo Naranjal with our beloved Ida, former wholesale manager, and current beer brewer (above the Arctic Circle, no less). In this edition, Ida and I taste the coffee as we remember fondly the trip we took together last fall to Finca Tamana. Please enjoy our May 2018 edition of our Coffee Subscription Video “Tasting with Friends“. This coffee from Finca Tamana is an isolated variety of Castillo, while the normal Castillo we sell from Finca Tamana is a different mix of seeds from a variety of research farms, this coffee comes just from Cenicafes main research farm, Naranjal, located in Quindio. It is resistant against leaf rust which means farmer Elias Roa doesn’t need to spray it with any fungicides. The coffee we taste in the video  is from the June – July 2017 harvest. Flavour notes: Brown sugar, toasted almonds and hints of green bell pepper.

Coffee Subscription Tasting with Friends – May 2018 from Tim Wendelboe on Vimeo.

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