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What’s Cropping Up – Nov 2019

A view of Elias’ farm, Finca Tamana, where Fotis and I are currently staying…
Hello Everyone,

Greetings from Colombia. I am currently here with our barista and roaster, Fotis, doing some work on my farm Finca el Suelo as well as cupping and tasting some new coffees from Finca Tamana. It’s a lot of hard work, but at the same time fun to show Fotis what life is like here and teach him some tricks. This week, Fotis was picking and processing some coffee at Tamana and I taught him how to ferment and wash coffee. If you want to learn more about how coffee is picked and wet processed  I have created a special Instagram Story channel for this called “Fotis process. “

You can also follow us on Instagram (@timwendelboe) or the progress on our own biological coffee farm @fincaelsuelo if you haven’t already and let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to see. We’ll do our best to make it happen. Meanwhile, here’s a summary of everything else that’s happened or is coming up in the next month of November.

What you missed:

– I recorded a podcast with Thomas Hylland Eriksen for the WWNA (Why The World Needs Anthropologists) event here in Oslo recently. We discuss things like: what’s green and what’s sustainable in our business, why soil is so important, why it’s important to support the work of farmers and more. Listen here.

– I also recorded this other podcast with Brenton on Tour. Listen to find out: my journey to becoming a roaster, where I’ve travelled to find the perfect bean, about my farm @fincaelsuelo, how we roast and more.

– The Wilfa Uniform Grinder which I helped design with Wilfa Norge recently won “Best in Test” on TEK.NO. Read the full review and results here.

What’s Next:

– If you would like to taste some coffee from Finca Tamana (where I am currently), we still have lots of this you can order online or from our espresso bar on Grunersgate 1, roasted for filter or espresso brew. Now you can drink this coffee while watching us work on the farm in real time. Not often you can do that.

– Once our trip is over, Fotis will be sharing some of his own experience via our next Instagram Team Takeover. So be sure to follow us @timwendelboe for more stories from the farm coming soon.

– Ben is back from paternity leave as of Monday, 4th November. We have missed our potato so much. We’re also looking forward to his first roasting course on 14th November. If you’re interested in booking into our next roasting course, please email [email protected]

– Last week of November I will be doing my annual trip to Kenya and Ethiopia to source delicious new coffees for next year. If you have not yet tried our Tatmara Natural, Karogoto and Fahem coffees from these areas, I highly recommend them. 

– I’m excited to announce that our Christmas Coffees have been confirmed and will be available for pre-orders online from Thursday, 7th November (our first roast day will be Monday 11th November). This year, we will have not one but two special coffees for the holidays: the honey-processed Los Pirineos Pacamara from El Salvador, harvested earlier this year and tasting of chocolate and baked stone fruits, as well as the new honey-processed Echemo from Ethiopia which has flavours of stone fruits, floral honey and mint. Set a reminder and visit our webshop next week.

Thank you for your continued interest in who we are and what we do. 
Tim & Co.

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