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We are the 2019 Nordic Roaster Champions!

During the last two days we have been attending and competing in the 2019 nordic roaster forum. I am so proud of our roasting team. Together we managed to win the competition for the 8th time in total and 5th time in a row. Our approach is to work methodical together and we heavily rely on our taste buds and try to always keep it simple. Competing is always a great way for us to work even closer together and to push ourselves to learn more about how to perfect the roasting process. We take what we learn and try to implement it in our daily routine so that we make sure we develop as a roastery. Thank you to all the TW team, Jobneel and his dad Extreberto for producing our winning coffee and for all our great colleagues who made the Nordic roaster forum such a great event to be a part of.

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