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How we work

We are hands-on and transparent

We like to have close relations with the coffee producers we buy from. Together we work systematically both short and long term in order to improve the quality of their coffees. By implementing improved production techniques we are able secure a consistent high quality product and knowing the farmers personally makes transparency easier. We believe that through our strong relationships with the coffee producers we buy from, we can have a positive impact both socially and environmentally where the coffees are grown.
For a full breakdown of our annual coffee purchases, who we pay, how much and why, check out our annual transparency reports below.

We strive for

Trust-based relationships

For many years we have been buying from the same farmers. Not because we are lazy but because we believe that producing quality coffee is a result of a lot of care and attention to details. Jobneel, Marysabel and Moises in Honduras, Elias in Colombia and Gilberto in El Salvador have become good friends of ours and we try to visit them on a regular basis to discuss future projects and how to make improvements on their farms.

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