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Tim Wendelboe

Your Coffee Subscription – April 2021

Dear coffee subscriber,
I hope you have had an amazing Easter holiday filled with lots of great food, drinks and some relaxing time with friends and family. Spring season is officially here and so are the longer, brighter days which we are all grateful for.  

For this month’s coffee subscription I have picked out three coffees that all comes from the same farm, Nacimiento in Honduras that are tasting fabulous at the moment. Let’s dig in. 

Nacimiento Bourbon 1 + 4 bags
Flavour notes: Winey, forest berries & floral
Producer: Jobneel Caceres Dios
Harvest: April – May 2020
Origin: El Cielito, Santa Barbara, Honduras
Process: Washed
Cultivar: Bourbon

This coffee is from quite old Bourbon trees and it has consistently been one of the best tasting coffees from Nacimiento (and one of my all time favourite coffees.) It has a typical fruitiness you can find in the best Bourbon coffees from Central-America, with loads of very ripe red berry flavours with hints of stone fruit and mango. The 2020 harvest was small and slightly less intense than the 2019 harvest which was one of the best we had tasted in years. Still I find this coffee to be very sweet, fruity and delicious as always. 

Nacimiento Pacas 
2 + 5 bags
Flavour notes: Chocolate, fresh herbs & apples
Producer: Jobneel Caceres Dios
Harvest: April 2020
Origin: El Cielito, Santa Barbara, Honduras
Process: Washed
Cultivar: Pacas

This Pacas lot is from the middle of the 2020 harvest from Nacimiento which means it is harvested from the higher part of Jobneel’s farm. A really sweet and fruity Pacas from one of the best coffee areas in Honduras. Packed with stone fruit, red apple and ripe red berry flavours with loads of sweetness.  

Nacimiento SL28 
3 + 6 bags
Flavour notes: Blackberries, blackcurrants & floral
Producer: Jobneel Caceres Dios
Harvest: May 2020 
Origin: El Cielito, Santa Barbara, Honduras
Process: Washed
Cultivar: SL28

This is the third harvest of Jobneel’s new SL28 variety. SL28 is a variety that is commonly grown only in Kenya and parts of East Africa but we managed to source some seeds in Central America and planted seeds with Jobneel in 2014. In 2015 Jobneel transplanted the seedlings to virgin land on top of his farm at the very highest altitude and I have been waiting ever since to be able to taste the fruit of his harvest. In the last two years the yields were very low so we only bought a tiny amount. This year we managed to get a bit more as the trees are getting bigger and hopefully there will be even more in the years to come. The SL 28 from Nacimiento has a bit bigger mouthfeel  and more of a sweet blackberry flavour than the classic tart black currant notes you typically find in Kenyan SL28 coffees. The 2020 harvest is by far the best we have had of this variety from Finca Nacimiento. The coffee is very intense with loads of winey, purple berry and floral flavours. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I am.

Thanks for reading and as always, we hope you enjoy the coffees and learning from our monthly videos. If you need some brewing tips, visit our website.

I hope you will enjoy the coffees 
Tim W

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