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World Aeropress Championships 2009

Updated rules, etc Wednesday 6th May

Our love for the Aeropress continues here at TW’s. We have decided to execute a 2nd WAC… World Aeropress Championship here in Oslo, to be held on Tuesday 2nd June @ 6pm. The first time around was very unofficial, this time we’ve managed to get the folks at Aerobie to construct a beautiful bronze Aeropress to be the trophy for the winner, this time making the championship that little bit more official and hopefully just as fun!

The rules are fairly straight forward, 3 judges will evaluate, purely based on taste, the best filter style brew from the Aeropress. We want the competition to be as transparent as possible, with the intention of fine tuning the hugely varied technique used to brew on the Aeropress.

General Rules
– everyone will use the same coffee, Amor de Dios from Bolivia. There will be 2 roast dates available on competition day, so it will be up to the competitor to decide rest time.
– the required volume of the drink is 2dl, it is up to the competitor what kind of water is used, no added ingredients are allowed
– there will be heats with 3 competitors per heat. All competitors will have a 30 minute, simultaneous, preparation time. To ensure the drinks are served at a similar temperature – the water must be poured into the Aeropress at the same time, brew temp is optional
– the technique used by the competitor must be in writing and presented to the judges

– the supplied grinder will be a Ditting 804, competitors are welcome to bring their own grinder
– water boilers will also be supplied, competitors are welcome to use their own water boiler ie. Über Boiler
– filtrated Oslo tap water (Ph 7.4, Hardness 2.9dH, TDS 110 PPM, 25ml p/L of calcium) will be supplied, competitors can use any water they wish
– any modifications to the actual Aeropress will need to be authorised by the Head Judge and if need be, Alan Adler himself

– finals will be held on the same day
– as well as showcasing their ideal Amor de Dios brew – as used in the heats, the 3 finalists will be required to present their “Signature Press”, using any coffee, any brew technique, amount of water, etc to create a truly unique brew, however additional ingredients are not allowed.
– the 3 judges, plus remaining competitors, will collectively judge the “Signature Press”

International competitors are welcome to enter, using a provided ‘surrogate’ or ‘step in’ competitor. It will be their responsibility to ensure clear brew instructions are provided. We can send you some coffee to practice with in the lead up to the competition.

1st Prize : “The Gilded Bronze Piston” as shown above, 1kg of TW coffee of your choice, a set of precision scales and maybe even a quote featured on the next Aeropress packaging…
2nd Prize : A set of precision scales and 500g of TW coffee of your choice.
3rd Prize : A pack of spare Aeropress filters, and some time alone with last years Aeropress Champion, Mr. Anders Valde.

Please sign up using the comments section below. There is no limit on competitors, the cut off for entry is 26th May. And there is no entry fee.

There will be more details to follow. Stay tuned…

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