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Aeropress recipe from the Nordic Barista Cup competition

Yesterday, during the Nordic Barista Cup in Iceland, the 5 Nordic teams were asked to make as many Aeropressed coffees as possible in 5 minutes. All teams used the same coffee but they could decide upon the grind setting, water to coffee ratio temperature and steep times. They were judged on the cup quality and the amount of cups served by 5 dedicated judges.

Norway won the competition serving an astonishing number of 37 aeropressed cups made using only 3 Aeropresses. They also won the price for best taste. Congratulations!

Here is the recipe that the Norwegian team used to win the NBC Aeropress competition:

  • 20 grams of Costa Rican coffee from Brumas del Zurqui
  • Grind on filter grind (4 on an Mahlkönig Guatemala grinder)
  • 2 dl of boiling water
  • 10 second steep time
  • Press all you can after the steep time and serve with a smile.

There are some pictures from the competition underneeth:

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