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Wonderful Copenhagen

It’s been two days in copenhagen for Team Norway and things have gone swimmingly. Tuesday was spent making last minute preparations and buying bits and pieces for Chris’ presentation. Chris has been battling with the high pollen count of the Copenhagen air which has forced Tim and myself to feed him with various drugs to clear him up – in the process making him very drowsy. The guys at Kontra gave us the opportunity to play with some biodynamic and organic Danish milk, which proved to be just right for the cappuccinos.

Wednesday morning we started with a cracking breakfast in the Hotel Fox lobby and briskly moved onto the meet and greet at the WBC venue. A record 52 countries are competing this year, which include many solid baristas, who together create a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. Chris was given an hour to get a feel for the machine, taste the various roasts of the espresso with Danish water, perfect the milk and immerse himself in the presentation. The coffees, i must add, are tasting fantastic.

The 3 of us are very relaxed and have been rewarded with good preparation and fantastic help from various people including the Solberg & Hansen guys who shipped all the gear over, our beloved roaster Ola who has nailed the roast for the coffee, support and from the super barista gals back home – Ingrid and Hanne, and multiple others who have contributed in various ways.

Chris will be on tomorrow at 1pm and can be watched live, streamed from the WBC website.

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