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The Kenyans are here

Huge cherries

Finally the 2013/14 crop of Kenyan coffees have arrived.

After tweaking the roast profiles for the last week they are finally ready for sale and available in our store and web shop as of today.

There are 3 new coffees in stock.

A lovely and super sweet and jammy coffee from Kapsokisio. Last year we installed some new raised beds to help the Kapsokisio cooperative improve their drying process, and it clearly worked. The coffee is tasting cleaner than ever . We also raised USD 5000,- at our 7th anniversary and that money will be spent on building even more drying tables at the Kapsokisio wet mill.

Another coffee that we found in Kenya this year is a coffee from the Gitwe cooperative in Gatundu. We have decided to roast this for espresso as it is such a rich and sweet coffee with the classic rose hips and black currant flavors that Kenya is known for.

Last but not least, a coffee from a cooperative in Nyeri called Mutheka. This particular lot is from the Chorongi wet mill and it is probably the best coffee we have tasted coming out of Nyeri in many years. It is a remarkably clean, transparent and sweet cup with intense flavors of black currants and blackberries. A real gem!  This is our first year buying from Mutheka and hopefully we will be able to buy more in the future along with coffees from our other favorite cooperative, Tekangu. Unfortunately it was difficult to get coffee from Tekangu this year due to a change in the marketing, logistics and sales structure in Nyeri.

We will for sure try to push harder next year in order to get coffees from both Mutheka and Tekangu. Until then, we really hope you enjoy the fresh crop Kenyan coffees.


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