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Recyclable Bags

Photo: Benjamin A. Ward / We are pleased to announce that our 250g bags are now 100% recyclable. The old bags (and most sealable coffee bags) have a foil layer to create a better barrier against oxidizing. This made it impossible to recycle the bag with other plastic packing material. (In Norway at least). We have spent over a year finding a bag that is suitable for recycling and has a barrier that is good enough to keep the coffee fresh. Since we operate with 3-4 weeks shelf life of our coffee after roasting date, the plastic pouches provided by Dutch Pack were perfect for our use. So now you can place the coffee bag in the plastic recycling bin after use. We also encourage all our customers to throw the spent coffee grounds in the compost / food recycling bin. The coffee filter can also go in the compost bin, so it should be the easiest thing to do.  

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