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New espresso blend

Yesterday we released our new version of Tim Wendelboe Espresso.
We are moving more and more towards buying smaller coffee lots and have decided that Tim Wendelboe espresso should reflect the coffee season that we currently are within at all time.
This means that the blend not only will change more often but the taste will also be very different from blend to blend.

This time the blend consists of 2 Colombian coffees that I came across when I went to Colombia in November. In adittion we have added some Ethiopian coffee to compliment the floral notes in the colombian coffee.

The blend is now:
50% Tarqui Quituro, a washed coffee from a farm located in Huila in Colombia.
30% Finca La lomita, a washed coffee from Huila, Colombia (see previous post)
20% Bera Tadicho, washed coffee from a small coop located in Dale region in Ethiopia.

The flavour profile of this blend is as follows:
Aroma: Sweet smell of red berries an jasmin.
Acidity: Mature and ripe fruity acidity.
Mouthfeel: Soft, sweet medium bodied. Bittersweet grapefruit-like aftertaste.
Flavour: Red ripe berries, citrus and elderflower.

The roast profile is slightly different from our previous blends.
We have to roast the Sidamo coffee from Ethiopia separately but we roast the 2 Colombians together. We do this because we want to preserve the acidity and floral notes in the Ethiopian coffee and therefore we roast this it faster and lighter to just before 2nd crack begins. The colombians are roasted a bit slower and darker at 10 seconds within 2nd crack in order to get a full bodied and sweet espresso without roasting away the fruitiness of these two coffees.

Brew parameters for this blend should be close to :
• Brew water temperaure 93,5°C +/- 0,5°C
• 9 bar pressure
• about. 25 – 28 ml including crema per espresso.
• 9 – 9,5 grams of coffee per espresso (18,5 gram per dubbel)
• Ekstraction time 25 – 28 sekunder.

We hope you will enjoy he new blend. It is way different in taste profile than our previous blends, but we hope it will be a positive experience for most of our loyal customers.

Please give us feedback if you like it or not.

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