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New coffees for sale

Yes! It is finally back. The May – July harvest from Finca Tamana is finally in our store and web shop for sale. 

We have been working hard together with Elias and his team in order to improve this coffee and the results keep on delivering and improving each harvest.

There are two different lots for sale, the espresso contains a more intense and sweet coffee of the Variedad Colombia cultivar. This has a slightly lower intensity of the acidity and gives you  a very sweet and fruity espresso.

The lighter roast for filter style brewing is of the Caturra Cultivar. This cup is brighter, has more citric acidity and is super transparent and sweet.


We have also released a really nice lot from the Kapsokisio cooperative in West-Kenya. This coffee has a lot of candied fruit flavors and  is very different from our classic Kenyan coffee from the Tekangu cooperative. We also got a notice from our friends in Kenya that the drying tables we financed with our anniversary collection at Kapsokisio is already in use. I am waiting for photos to post soon.

We also ran out of the Bourbon cultivar from Nacimiento last week and now we have a very winey Catuaí from the same farm as a replacement.

We hope you will try  all these coffees and hopefully enjoy them as much as we do.

All coffees are available in our store and web shop.

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