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El Cauchito

Prior to my trip to Colombia I bought a micro lot from a farm called El Cauchito in Cauca, Colombia.
The lot size was only 100kg and therefore it has taken some time to get it milled, packed and shipped to Norway. The good thing is that the green coffee is packed in vacuum sealed bags instead of the traditional jute sack. This really keeps the coffee a lot fresher and hopefully you will be able to taste the freshness in he cup too.

The reason for buying such a small lot was that I was tasting 10 smaller lots of coffee from Colombia that was going to be mixed togethet into one blend of lots and then shipped to Norway. The El Cauchito coffee really stood out with its smooth and sweet mouthfeel and tropical fruit aroma. I asked if it was possible to buy only that micro lot, and the answer was of course yes.

We have now started selling the coffee for Kr. 125,- for 250g. So if you are interested in trying some great Colombian coffee from El Cauchito, don’t wait too long, because we only have 84 kilos left…

We will of course launc more coffees from Colombia n the future. I really found a hidden treasure when I was there…

Mr. Israel Sanchez, proud producer of El Cauchito coffee..

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