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Coffee from Brazil

Joao Hamilton farmer of Sitio Canaa


After a lot of test roasting and tasting, we finally nailed a roast profile for our new Brazil coffees and the coffees are now for sale in our web shop and store.

There are three different lots all from the same producers, the two brothers Joao Hamilton and Ivan dos Santos at Sitio Canaa in Caconde, Brazil:

Two of the lots are roasted lighter for filter, Aeropress, french press and similar brewing methods.

  • One is a Yellow Catuaì cultivar and is a natural processed coffee. This lot has more body, sweetness and flavors of dried fruit and dark chockolate.
  • The other lot is a Red Bourbon cultivar that is semi-washed. This coffee is cleaner and lighter in body and has flavors of sugar cane, caramel and milk chocolate.

The espresso roast is a third lot. A Red Catuaì that has been natural processed. This is a super sweet coffee with raisins, dried figs and dark chocolate flavors.

We really hope you like the coffees.





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