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Coffee & BBQ with the Caballeros

Last March, Tim paid another visit to the Caballero family in Honduras, responsible for producing our popular Geisha and Java coffees. (Marysabel and Moises actually won the Cup of Excellence award last year with the Geisha.) During this trip, Tim spent a couple of days cupping coffee at their new lab. Samples were taken from the 30 lots they have reserved especially for us, as well as a from the new nursery where we got to try some new varieties for the first time. If they are good, we hope to send some of this back to Norway where we can roast and prepare them for serving at the bar and delivery worldwide. All of that said, what we really love about this video is the candidness and feeling of real friendship you get watching Tim with the Caballeros. Coffee by day, BBQ by night. See for yourself…


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