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Thank You for Celebrating With Us

A late thank you to everyone who came and celebrated our 10 year anniversary with us.

A huge thank you for all the donations made for our new project “Trees for Quality”

We managed to collect NOK 51.610,- (USD 6.861,-) that we will use to help farmers plant shade trees on their farms.

As always during our anniversaries, our guests were able to pay what they wanted for all drinks in the bar during our celebration. All the money we collected that day went to the “Trees for Quality” project

Two of our special and loyal guests managed to break our record for the most expensive drink, paying a staggering NOK 1100,- (USD 146,-) for a coffee and NOK 1280,- (USD 170,-) for an espresso. We are lost for words.Thank you!


The record paid for an espresso by two of our special and loyal customers. Prices paid for a coffee and an espresso during our 10 year anniversary

10 year anniversary party

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