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Best of Panama Auction

Although the coffees became expensive, we managed to buy 2 delicious small lots of coffee at the Best of Panama auction today. We are not only proud of getting our hands on such lovely coffee, we are also proud to say that we payed the 3rd and 4th highest prices on the auction. Only beaten by Esmeralda at 1st and a lovely Geisha coffee on 2nd place. Lot no. 7 had a distinct floral and citrus nose. Lively and crisp acidity. Sweetness like in yellow melons and taste of violets, coffee flowers and bergamoth. Lot no.14 had a very strawberry- like fruity aroma. Warm and ripe acidity. Soft and berrylike sweetness and a lovely balance. I have not figured out how to ship the coffees yet, so we will probably get them after summer is over.

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