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2009 World Aeropress Championships

The second annual World Aeropress Championships have been a fantastic success. On Tuesday TW’s hosted the event to a excited and somewhat intrigued crowd of around 50 spectators. They were there to be inspired and to hopefully walk away with a winning approach to brewing on the Aeropress – the brainchild of Mr Alan Alder famous for the Aerobie Frisbee. 22 competitors battled it out for the chance to bask in the glory of the ‘Bronze Piston’. 8 heats, 2 semi-finals, a preliminary final and the final final made for a grueling undertaking for the competitors. Eventually, the best brew method would have to wow the judges 4 times before making it to the top.

A huge congratulations must therefore go to the 3 finalists Lucasz Jura, Alexander Scheen Jensen and Ben Kaminsky (alla Mette-Marie Hansen). All 3 finalists used varying techniques to acheive equally varying cup results. Generally, Alex’s brews had an intense fruit character with a heavy winey body. Ben’s however, showed transparency with crisp; citric acidity and floral notes. Lucasz delivered an extremely rounded and balanced cup.

Alex’s Amor de Dios brew was a favourite with the judges, Ben’s technique using the wonderful Geisha from Kaffa took out the signature drink honours, but in the end the presentation from Lucasz gave him the ultimate prize. He was humble, composed and spoke the most about the relationship between the Amor de Dios and Aeropress, and the development of his technique. A true champion.

A big thanks must go to the judges, Tim Wendelboe, Ingri M. Johnsen and coming all the way from Sweden, Mr. Charles Nystrand. All the competitors who made so much effort in their preparations and pride in their presses. The surrogates standing in for the international competitors, Kristin for Klaus and Mie for Ben. All the TW staff who ran around and made sure everything ran as smoothly as possible and to everyone that were there to support and hopefully learn something. A final thanks must go to everyone at Aerobie, especially Alan and Alex, for creating the ‘Bronze Piston’.

We will post the recipes and techniques very soon.

More photos can be seen here and here.

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