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What’s Cropping Up – June 2019

Hello Everyone,
I’m back from 2.5 weeks in South America. The trip began with my book launch in Brazil as Coffee with Tim Wendelboe was kindly translated into Portuguese by Cafe Editoria in collaboration with my friend and the undisputed coffee queen in Brazil, Isabela Raposeiras. Following a great reception and event over there, I headed over to Colombia to do some work on our biological coffee farm in Huila, Finca El Suelo. However, I have to say the highlight of my trip this year was my first visit to Daterra Coffee Farm, the first coffee farm in the world to achieve the highest Level A certification on sustainability issued by the Rainforest Alliance. It is also in my opinion one of the most advanced farms in the world. They have over 6,000 hectares of land and in season they employ over 700 people. It is truly a center for research, development and a huge contrast to the small farms we are buying from.  It was a very inspiring and informative visit, and you can see snippets of my time there by clicking on the “Farm Life” category of my Instagram Stories. Apart from that, here’s a summary of what we’ve been up to lately, and what you can look forward to in June. Enjoy.

What you missed:

– A fan of ours, Alex Thaxton from the UK, created this beautiful video of our espresso bar at Grunersgate 1. 

– Ben is finally back from paternity leave and 3 months in Australia. He recently attended a Loring roasting course in Copenhagen so that he could become a certified “Loring Master”. This means he will soon be able to train other roasters on how to use this machine, as well as help set up, operate and troubleshoot. For more about our existing coffee consultancy services, email [email protected].

– Anders was recently visiting the La Marzocco factory and HQ in Italy for something they call “Airbridge”. In other words, it’s a chance for us to know more about this machine and the people behind it, how it’s made and offer some feedback for future improvements. You can try our espressos brewed on a La Marzocco at our espresso bar on Grunersgate 1

Listen to this podcast I did with Lee Safar from Map It Forward. We discuss things like: what I was like as a kid… have I always liked coffee?… why I’ve never like being called an “entrepreneur”… how my father influenced me to be different from the norm… why I prefer to follow my “inner truth” than waiting until everything is tested perfectly… why it’s important to question and find out the source of your information… and more.

What’s next:

– Our June episode of Coffee Subscription Tasting with Friends video will be live on our YouTube Channel from Wednesday 5th June onwards.

– The Tamana SL28 from Colombia is now for sale on our webshop. July – August 2018 harvest. Flavour notes: floral & red berries. For more info and retail orders, click here. For wholesale orders, log in here.

– We have 1 more brewing course this month before we take a break for summer, taking place  on Thursday the 20th of June. Sign up here and learn to make great tasting coffee using the Aeropress and V60 pourover method.

– We finally have my 2 books – Coffee with Tim Wendelboe and Finca Tamanaavailable as downloadable ebooks on our webshop. Get your copy here.

– I will also be brewing at the Loring stand at this year’s SCA World of Coffee event in Berlin. Friday, 7th June from 3pm – 5.00pm. Come say hi and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for your continued interest in who we are and what we do,
Tim & Co.

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