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French press

Almost all coffees work well on the French press, but we recommend the lighter roasted ones to prevent getting the bitter roasty flavours that you get from the darker roasted coffees like our espresso blend. Following some very simple techniques, we can hopefully help you to produce a consistently good cup of coffee. So here goes:

1. Pre-heat your French press, by pouring hot water into it.

2. The rule of thumb is 65 – 70 grams per 1 litre of water. The dose will vary according to your taste and the coffee used.

3. Using some scales, measure your coffee and then grind the coffee. We recommend to use a coarseness of the grind like filter ground coffee to make sure you extract enough.

4. Again by using your scales, place the french press containing the ground coffee on the scales. Tare the scale so it reads zero and measure 1 litre (963 grams at seal level) of boiling water. It is important to ensure all the ground coffee is wet. A good way to do this is to pour half of the water first, then stir a little, then pour the rest of the water. Do not put the lid / plunger on top until after step 6.

5. Steep /  brew time varies between 4 and 5 minutes.

6. Very close to when the brew time has expired, using a spoon, gently push all the ground coffee so it falls to the bottom of the French press and stir 3 times making sure the grounds are stirred carefully. Then remove the the pale floating foam from the surface – this results in a cleaner tasting cup.

7. Then plunge away, it should be nice and easy to press down.

8. Wait a minute before you pour to get rid of sediments, or dispense to a thermos – leaving it in the French press over time will result in unpleasant flavors.

9. Enjoy! and don’t forget to clean the plunger, filters and press properly after use.

You can watch a nice little video by 2007 world barista champion James Hoffman and Square Mile Coffee Roasters here.