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The content of these bags will vary depending on our mistakes.

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Light Roast

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Whole Coffee Beans

Tim's Notes

This coffee was sourced and roasted by Tim Wendelboe but did not meet our quality standards.

The roast might be slightly off our target or the green coffee did not meet our expectations upon arrival or after storage.

This is a coffee of good quality and in most cases a lot better than cheap super market coffee. We would rather sell it at a low price than dispose of it. The farmer is still paid the same fair price we always pay. The content of these bags will vary depending on our mistakes.


How To Brew

  • We strongly recommend using the correct measurements and brewing techniques when you brew our coffees. Use a digital scale both to measure water and coffee in order to get consistent results, and we recommend using between 60 to 70 grams of coffee per litre (1000g) of water, depending on the brewing method, water quality and coffee used.
  • We strongly recommend using VST filter baskets. Both the 18g, 20g and the 22g basket is great for our coffee. The VST filters makes it a lot easier to extract the espresso properly which gives a lot more sweetness in the cup. They are also more or less identical to each other which makes it easy to be more consistent when brewing on several groups at the same time. You can buy the filters on our webshop, just make sure they fit your machine (ours fits all La Marzocco machines and machines with 58mm filter baskets). With the VST 18g filter basket, we recommend the following brewing parameters: 18-19g freshly-ground coffee, 25-35s brewing time, 35-38g of final brew liquid in the cup, 93°C-94°C brew water temperature.

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