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Our third harvest from Finca el Suelo. This particular coffee is from Ethiopian landrace trees. Expect flavours of stone fruit, florals and citrus. Due to limited availability we only allow for one bag per customer.


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Flavour Notes

Floral, stone fruit & citrus


Tim Wendelboe




El Pital, Huila




May – August 2023

Roast Profile

Light Roast


Whole Coffee Beans

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Tim's Notes

This is an Ethiopian landrace cultivar that I planted in March 2019 after getting seeds from my friend Gilberto Baraona's cultivar garden on his farm Los Pirineos in El Salvador. We harvested around 50 kilos  of this coffee during the main harvest from May to August 2023 but after tasting each individual picking and sorting, we ended up with only around 30 kilos of green coffee of good quality.

This is the  third harvest from these Ethiopian coffee trees from our farm, but since we only have 110 trees that are in production the volumes are quite small. That also means that every picking yields small quantities and we therefore process the coffee with a manual de-pulping machine and ferment and wash the coffee by hand in small buckets.  Since we are able to pay more attention to detail in the process,  we are able to get a really clean and well sorted coffee which is reflected in the taste with a good amount of sweetness and a clean and elegant cup.

Although this coffee is more subtle than a washed Ethiopian coffee, you can still expect flavours that are typical for Ethiopian coffees with notes of citrus, honey,  coffee flowers and stone fruits.


The coffee from Finca el Suelo is an Ethiopian landrace cultivar that was given to me by my friend Gilberto Baraona at the Los Pirineos Farm in El Salvador. I am not sure exactly what the cultivar is, as it came from Gilberto's cultivar garden. But it is for sure an Ethiopian cultivar that has a lot of the characteristics you can find in coffees from the south in Ethiopia.


Picking and sorting
  • The coffee from Finca el Suelo was selectively hand picked by Elias Roa and a small team of selected workers from his farm. The cherries were hand-sorted before they got processed to make sure only ripe cherries were processed together.
Depupling, fermenting & washing
  • The coffees were de-pulped by using a hand crank de-pulper. After de-pulping, the parchment coffee with the mucilage on was fermented for 14-16 hours over night in clean plastic buckets. The fermentation was stopped when the mucilage was easy to clean off and before the coffee flavour got influenced by negative fermentation flavours. The coffee was then washed in clean water. After washing the coffees were soaked for 24 hours in clean water and all floaters (beans with low density) were removed during the washing and soaking process.
  • After the soaking stage the clean parchment coffee was dried on drying beds covered with shade nets to prevent the beans from over heating. The coffees were raked throughout the day to ensure even drying. Drying took from 20 to 25 days until the moisture content was below 11%.
Lot selection, packaging and storage
  • Each individual picking was stored in grain pro bags after drying.
  • Each lot was quality controlled and the low quality coffee was removed before the best lots were mixed together before milling.
  • After milling the coffee was vacuum packed and shipped to Norway where the coffee was stored in climate controlled conditions.


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How To Brew


We strongly recommend using the correct measurements and brewing techniques when you brew our coffees. Use a digital scale both to measure water and coffee in order to get consistent results, and we recommend using between 60 to 70 grams of coffee per litre (1000g) of water, depending on the brewing method, water quality and coffee used.


We strongly recommend using VST filter baskets. Both the 18g, 20g and the 22g basket is great for our coffee. The VST filters makes it a lot easier to extract the espresso properly which gives a lot more sweetness in the cup. They are also more or less identical to each other which makes it easy to be more consistent when brewing on several groups at the same time. You can buy the filters on our webshop, just make sure they fit your machine (ours fits all La Marzocco machines and machines with 58mm filter baskets). With the VST 18g filter basket, we recommend the following brewing parameters: 18-19g freshly-ground coffee, 25-35s brewing time, 35-38g of final brew liquid in the cup, 93°C-94°C brew water temperature.

Finca el Suelo

Finca el Seulo  

Owned and run by Tim Wendelboe, Finca el Suelo is a 7 hectare farm located in El Vegon, in the municipality of El Pital in Huila, Colombia. It lies on an altitude of 1650 – 1700 MASL next to Finca Tamana. This is the first time we have farmed coffee, so we consider this a learning project. We work only with nature, focusing on bringing our soil back to life by making our own compost as the main inoculant for increasing beneficial soil microbe populations. We believe that healthy soils will give us healthy trees and better coffees. Our goal is to figure out how to raise coffee quality and increase production with regenerative biological farming practices, and hopefully inspire other farmers to do the same. But we have to succeed first.

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