AeroPress Go


The AeroPress Go is a slightly smaller AeroPress than the original. It’s light-weight and durable, making it the perfect travel companion for the demanding coffee traveler.

Tim's Notes

I use this for brewing maximum 200g liquid at a time. It is great for traveling as it comes with a paper filter holder that can hold 10+ paper filters and a foldable stirrer and a small measuring spoon. Everything fits inside the plastic container that comes with it that both functions as a brewing vessel and drinking cup. A practical lid is also included to hold everything in place in your suitcase or bag. So if you think the original Aeropress is a bit too large for your needs, then the Aeropress Go is a great alternative. Aeropress is one of the most genius brewing devices we have come across, which makes it really simple and easy to make one cup of excellent coffee or moka (strong coffee like the one from a Bialetti coffee maker) in less than 2 minutes.

Key Features

  • Makes 1 to 2 cups in about a minute
  • Brews filter and espresso style coffee
  • Ideal for kitchen, travel and camping
  • Clean up takes seconds
  • Phthalate and BPA free


Included in this package:
  • 1 x AeroPress Go
  • 350 Paper filters
  • 1 x Paper filter holder
  • 1 x Stirrer
  • 1 x Container / cup with lid
  • 1 x Measuring spoon

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AeroPress Go
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