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Los Pirineos

El Salvador
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Gilberto Baraona

Gilberto Baraona is the proud owner of the Los Pirineos farm located in the south-eastern part of El Salvador. The farm has been in his family since 1890 and was named after the Pyrenees mountains in Europe due to its mountainous environment. In fact, the farm itself is located at the top of a volcano called Tecepa. Here they grow many different cultivars but currently the Pacamara and heirloom Bourbon (called Bourbon Elite) imported from Guatemala in 1890 are the ones in full production. Gilberto has recently finished building both a wet mill and a dry mill on his farm. The great thing about this is that he is now in 100% control of the harvesting, post harvest processing, as well as the milling and packing for export. The mill is built by the best standards using easy-to-clean tiles and stainless steel equipment only. So far it is the cleanest mill we have ever seen and Gilberto takes great pride in his processing skills. The impact of his efforts are definitely reflected in the flavour of the coffee. He is also producing coffees with many different processing techniques. Naturals, honey and washed processed coffees being the most common ones. As you know we are normally more into the clean washed coffees but every now and then we also like some of the honey processed coffees when they are clean and not showing too much over-ripe fruity flavours.

How we work

Coffee Production Process

Picking & Sorting

All cherries are selectively picked by hand. Unripe and damaged cherries are removed by hand from the ripe cherries before processing.

Depulping, Fermenting & Washing

After de-pulping the coffee is immediately moved to raised beds where it is dried with the remaining mucilage on the parchment for about 20-30 days under shade while constantly being turned to ensure even drying.


Gilberto is now drying all the coffees we buy on raised beds covered with shade. This prolongs the drying of the coffee and helps improve the shelf life of the coffee as well as giving it a cleaner cup. We also pack, export and store all the coffee in vacuum-packed plastic bags in order to preserve its freshness for as long as possible.

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