How to brew pourover and filter coffee

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In this short video, we show you how easy it is to brew delicious coffee using the pourover and filter method.

We’ll go through the common mistakes when brewing with these methods and show you how to make a perfect brew every time. No more bitter coffee.


Use 65 grams of coffee per liter of water. Here we’ll make 0.5 liters so we will use 32.5g of coffee.

For pourover coffee:

1. Place a filter in your dripper and rinse it with water to get rid of paper taste ( Hot water is preferrable in order to also preheat the filter holder) . Discard this water before you start brewing.

2. Using scales, measure up 32,5 g of coffee and grind for filter brewing. Please note that for less volumes grind finer than if you are brewing more volume.

3. Add the ground coffee to your filter. Shake it a bit to level out the coffee and place the filterholder on top of a vessel and place everything on the scales.

4. Tare the scales so it reads 0g.

5. Start a timer and pour about 60g of water over the coffee. Stir around with a teaspoon to make sure all the coffee is wet.

6. Around 30 seconds into the brew, pour some more water over the coffee until the scale shows around 200g. Make sure all the coffee is wet every time you pour more water over it.

7. Keep pouring with a circular motion until you’ve reached 500g. The process for 0,5 liters should take from 2 – 2,5 minutes with pouring and about 1 minute for the rest of the water to drip through the coffee. If it takes too long to brew, the coffee might get bitter. Try then to grind the coffee a bit coarser. However, if it the brewing time is a lot shorter,  the coffee will get weak and sour. You will then have to grind the coffee finer.

8. When done, stir the final brew before you serve.

For filter coffee:

Use the same measurements, add the coffee to a rinsed filter and turn the machine on. Give the grounds a small stir when water starts dripping over the coffee and let all the water pour through the coffee. This process should also take 3-3,5 minutes to complete. When done done, give the final brew a stir and serve.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to clean all the equipment after use. Dirty brewing equipment will lead to bitter and harsh coffee.

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