How We Make Espresso – Espresso Tips

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Probably the most complicated way of making a good cup of coffee…

We dare say that at least 99% of all the coffees that are sold as an espresso around the world are mediocre or worse in taste. (No wonder most people like to add milk or sugar to their espresso.) According to Dr. Ernesto Illy there are over 18 million factors that need to be perfect in order for an espresso to be perfect. One factor can, for example, be how ripe the cherries were before they were picked.

It is impossible for a barista to know that every single of the 18 million factors are perfect, but a barista can control some of those factors. The problem is that each and every single factor need to be perfect every time and if you fail in one of them, the espresso will taste horrible. Examples of these factors are: water and coffee quality, cleanliness of equipment, grinder adjustment, brew water temperature and pressure, etc. So, how do you know if the espresso is perfect or not? Taste it. If you like it, then it is probably good. If you need sugar or other additives in order to make it taste good, then you are doing something wrong.

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