Vân Huynh

Barista and roastery worker

Creates good coffee and service experiences for our guests, and makes sure the freshly roasted coffee beans are packed and distributed to our customers.

Vân is our Norwegian-Vietnamese paint artist with a genuine interest in people and service. With a background working in a café along with art studies, majoring in paintings visualizing different human emotions, she joined our team in June 2022.

From the first day she started working with us, she has been an important part of our work environment – seeing and caring for every one of her colleagues. An example that shows her inclusive nature is that she has learned sign language so that she can also communicate with guests with hearing loss. Vân inspires us by coming to work every day with a genuine desire to do a good job and to be a good colleague.

The most important thing for Vân as our team member:

That everyone works as a team, and each individual person is as important as the other. She wants every customer to feel seen and welcome regardless of culture, language, and ability.

Vân Huynh
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