Tim Wendelboe

Director and founder

Head of quality, green coffee buying and coffee expertise.

Tim is our coffee guru. He has been working with coffee for almost 25 years, and as the name says – is the one who established our company back in 2007. Tim has always been eager to learn and develop his knowledge on coffee, and his core motivation and focus is to improve the quality of the coffee in every part of the production chain, and especially on farm level. This helps ensure that we as a team never stagnate when it comes to development and effort.

Tim is not afraid of speaking up to challenge the coffee industry and is driven by the opportunity to have a positive impact on coffee knowledge, quality and the industry. As a team member Tim is generous in social relations and in addition to his role as an inexhaustible source of coffee knowledge, he is an equally important part of the social relations in the team.

The most important thing for Tim as our team member:

To make sure everything is running smoothly, that our team has the knowledge and the tools to do the best job they possibly can. And of course, to make sure that our coffees taste great.

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