Stephanie Dawn Holm

Bar manager and barista

Daily manager for our espresso bar, leading our barista team and making good coffee and service experiences for our guests.

Stephanie is by many called the heart of our espresso bar. Both since she is Tim’s right hand on quality and recipes for our drinks, for training and coordination the team, but most of all for her warm and heartfelt care for our guests and all the team members.

She joined our team in November 2010, and before that she, among other experiences, has been a dance instructor for 15 years, working as a barista and in a family run delicatessen. Stephanie is the one who makes sure we all perform well and don’t ever compromise on quality. She is also the one who gives us the best hugs, just when we need it.

The most important thing for Stephanie as our team member:

To be challenged and to have fun! I am part of something unique, I get to be a part of Tim’s journey. Together with my colleagues I can proudly serve our coffee and show our workplace to all our beloved guests.

Stephanie Dawn Holm
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