Sebastian Dyrdal

Administration and customer service consultant

Providing good service experiences for our webshop and wholesale customers, planning our roast days and takes care of our webshop.

Sebastian is our fashionable logistics wizard, who is quality conscious in everything he does. He has the perfect balance of being humble for other people’s experiences and opinions, but never stops challenging us to improve as a team and in the way we work.

The ability to handle hundreds of processes at the same time without losing control or missing the deadline might come from his background as an infectious disease tracker and vaccine coordinator during the covid-19 pandemic. Sebastian joined our team in August 2022, and he is the team member that is both serious at work, but also the warmest and attentive colleague you can have.

The most important thing for Sebastian as our team member:

The important thing when I go to work at TW is that I am proud of my workplace, what we represent and what we accomplish together as a team. Furthermore, it is important to me that I work for a company that also stands for the same values that I do; quality, transparency and consistency.

Sebastian Dyrdal
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