Mats Fredheim Vidby

Barista and roastery worker

Creates good coffee and service experiences for our guests, and makes sure the freshly roasted coffee beans are packed and distributed to our customers.

Mats is our cool cat from the West Coast. He is always calm and smiling, with a great overview and attention to detail, even under great pressure and makes sure everyone else is on board as well. You feel safe around Mats, knowing that everything will be taken care of. He is the personification of a “yes we can” attitude.

Mats was working with coffee and customer service for a decade before he joined our team in August 2021. He has a lot of experience with coffee training, both for professionals and customers, something we benefit from as he is a fantastic teacher and role model for our new team members.


The most important thing for Mats as our team member:

To be a positive contributor in a team that works towards a common goal.

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