Martine Nygren Borgås

Barista and roastery worker

Creates good coffee and service experiences for our guests, and makes sure the freshly roasted coffee beans are packed and distributed to our customers.

Martine is the definition of efficiency, yet always present in the moment and smiling, both to customers and to her colleagues. With Martine at work, you know that the job will be done – she is usually a good step ahead. At the same time, she is very quality conscious, understanding the accuracy required to maintain the standards in everything we do.

Despite her young age, she has a wealth of work experience in service professions, from selling newspapers as a child to her recent experience as a restaurant manager.
Martine started working with us in June 2021, and after a year with the team she decided to move back to her hometown. Luckily for us she changed her mind and came back to where she belongs; at Team Wendelboe.

The most important thing for Martine as our team member:

That guests feel welcome and seen. It is also very important to me that if you choose to visit us, you should leave with a good experience and good memories.

Martine Nygren Borgås
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